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IMTrack Players that can not be removed from team rosters except by admins

As a rule of thumb, once a player participates in a game we only allow administrators to remove that player from the roster. The reason is simple, players could leave teams that do not qualify for the postseason in order to join teams that might have a chance to win the league. Most leagues will not allow you to change teams once a game is played.

If the administrators are keeping track of game by game participations, a player may be removed up to the point that they are marked as played in one of the games. If no game by game participations are kept, then we do not allow players be removed once the team has a game played. This means that if a player joins mid season, the ability to remove the player would only be available to administrators.

If you are a team captain or a player that is trying to switch teams or drop from a team and you do not see the "red X" on your roster entry, please contact the local administrators about this issue. Most leagues will have a support number listed on the upper right of the website. Recreational Solutions will not be able to support you with this issue.

If you are an administrator, you will notice that when trying to delete a player who has participated in a league, you will be required to enter an override password. If you are an administrative user but don't know this password, please contact your "superiors" about obtaining this password. It may be that only a few administrators are given this override password.

If you are the director/system administrator, please see the instructions on where and how to set the override password and/or the support number on your site.