League Portal

IMTrack enhances your web presence by automatically posting and updating information to the IMTrack League Portal. League standings, tournament brackets, schedules, top ten lists, games of the day, player and team statistics, league leaders and box scores are available to the public at all times. No login is required for viewing the information, and Recreational Solutions does not place any advertisements on these pages. Individual customers can place their own ads if desired.

Your participants have the option to create accounts and gain access to their team portals. The team portal gives access to the team schedule, current standings, the team roster with contact information and individual statistics, and a private team message board.

Administrators can add custom information such as league rules, sport specific information and even pictures on either a sport by sport basis or to the main page.

A web page should be an integral part of any recreational program. You will find that your participants will check your website quite often to verify results and check out their latest rankings. Furthermore, since they are checking out your program outside your office, you will indirectly gain from additional exposure to your program. As your web site traffic increases, the opportunity may arise for advertisers to sponsor your web site, if you so desire.