Employee Management

RefTrack provides multiple management tools to help administrators manage their employees. There are four types of users that can have access to RefTrack. Administrators, Employees, Team Members and Power Users. RefTrack will allow you to setup as many User Groups to each non administrator category. Each person in the system will need to be assigned into one or more user groups. At the employee level, user groups can represent either different sporting activities, skill levels and/or experience levels.

To let you manage your games, RefTrack will let you add the sports that you assign employees for. Each sport will have a series of employee titles, representing the positions you are assigning. To further break down the sport, you can divide the sport into multiple leagues. For each league, you can specify the employee titles that are required for that league, and also identify which User Group will be used to assign the employees to that position.

Combined, these tools allow you to profile your different employees. Employees can belong to different user groups, each potentially representing sports they are available to work and/or skill level achieved in that sport. Please check our case study for a detailed example.

Once your leagues are setup, your administrators or team administrators can enter games into the system. IMTrack users get the benefit of not having to re-enter the games into the system, as the IMTrack game data is integrated with RefTrack. Scheduling the employees can be done in several ways. The most basic option is to assign games on a game by game basis. For leagues that play multiple games in one night on the same location, you can schedule all games for a particular location at one time. As you add games into the system you may have the option of scheduling the same employees for a block of games. For each game, only employees that qualify to work that position and that are available to work are shown.

RefTrack has a handy bulletin posting tool that lets you send out information to your officials along with optional attachments such as Power Point presentations, Word documents or pictures. You can identify which user groups should receive the bulletin, and it will be available online for the specified groups of officials.

To help communication with your employees, RefTrack has a variety of email communication tools, which include automated emails for game assignments, new bulletin postings and manual emails to specific groups of officials. Finally, a variety of reports are available to help manage your officials, including schedules, itineraries and availability of employees.