Equipment Management

GearTrack is designed to give you flexibility in setting up and managing your items. There is no "right way" to adding your inventory into the system.

First, GearTrack lets you group your inventory into different categories, such as Water Equipment, Ski Equipment or anything else that applies to your operation. As you add your inventory, you can create item options to further categorize your inventory. For example, hiking boots could be broken out into different shoe sizes and your life jackets can be broken down into sizes extra large, large, medium and so on.

GearTrack can let you track the inventory in each item group either by simply specifying how many items of each group you have, or by adding each item individually into the system. Assigning individual ID's will let you track usage of each individual item.

Once all the inventory is in the system, GearTrack allows the functionality to setup special "packages," where you can assign different items into one package. A package can consist of two or more of the same item and/or a combination of items. Each package is treated as a unique item. Packaging is great to either allow setting up common combination of items or to setup discounts when renting more than one item.