Computer Rental Case Study

We will consider the case of an IT manager who manages computer equipment rentals for the company. The company allows employees to rent out a variety of equipment as needed to work from home or for business trips. For our example, we look at how the IT manager can handle reservations for several laptops, along with extension cords and USB cables.

The extension cords and USB cables are just entered into the system as general items without serial numbers. If there were cables/cords of different lengths GearTrack would allow for the creation of "inventory categories" such as "3 ft," "6 ft" and "12 ft" cables/cords. While no serial numbers have to be entered, the system would allow the user to select which cable length they desire for each reservation, if available.

The laptops can also be divided into categories such as by manufacturer (Dell, HP, Apple) or by monitor size (13in, 15in, 17in). Furthermore, to track actual usage and issues on each individual laptop, the IT manager can enter information such as serial numbers, asset numbers and property control numbers.

To make it easier on the employees, the IT manager can create packages with common combination of items so that the employees can reserve just the package. For our example, we created a package where the employee would get one laptop, one extension cord and one USB cable. When making a reservation for a package, the user would then have to select which monitor size they desire for their laptop. Note that users can either reserve a package, items, or combination of both.


On the day of the reservation, the IT manager can check out the package to the employee. GearTrack will show the IT manager the ID numbers for the laptops of the selected monitor size that are in stock. The IT Manager picks the specific laptop being checked out to complete the check out.


Email notifications are an important part of making sure all the inventory is available on a timely basis to all employees. Email notifications can be sent out with reservation reminders, check in reminders, and even overdue notices to alert the employee if they forgot to return the equipment.

As part of the return phase, the IT manager can track any maintenance or damage issues with the equipment. For example, if the laptop being returned is showing a blue screen error constantly, the IT Manager can remove the laptop from the inventory and place it under maintenance. Alternatively, a damage entry can be entered where the employee would be responsible for covering the costs of repair. For example if the employee's dog bit through the USB cord, the IT Manager would be able to charge the employee for the replacement cost.


This is just one example of the many potential applications of GearTrack. Whether you are renting canoes, tents, dinner tables, chairs or audio visual equipment GearTrack is the easy way to manage your equipment shop!