Recreational Solutions Support

General Support: Master Settings

The Master Settings represent administrative settings that apply to all our applications. You can edit the Master Settings by clicking on the Master Settings link under the General Admin Links. A brief explanation of each setting follows.

  1. Company Name: Name you want to present to your customers on the banner, home page headers and login page.
  2. System Email: Email you want to use to receive notifications as well as the email that will be shown to your participants when they receive an email from the system.
  3. System Phone: Phone number that will be shown on the upper right of the banner.
  4. Welcome Message: We recommend this be held to a short paragraph and it shows under the Company Name in the home pages. We recommend you use the welcome message for you main product to put more information.
  5. Member ID Setting: You can either track your clients using their email address or some other member ID number. For schools this usually is the student ID number. Could be employee number and even Social Security number but we don't recommend you use the SSN. This number will be encrypted in the database so the security of the data value is protected.
  6. Family Member Settings: The system allows your participants to create sub-accounts for their children, staff members, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, or any other application you can think of. If you turn this setting on, then you get to identify what the label will be for the sub-accounts. We use FAMILY members as a default. You can switch this term to STAFF, TEAM or any other label that fits your application.
  7. Member Database Setting: you can upload a database of your members into the system. If you do so, then you can either make it a requirement that participants already be in the system in order to create accounts. This applies mostly to universities and businesses using Active Directory. If you are accepting registrations from people who find your website, then you should NOT turn this on. If you do not want guests to be able to create accounts without being pre-loaded into the database, then you turn this feature on.
  8. Required Field Settings: the system let's you specify which fields you want to require and show on the Sign Up form. You can require the physical address, phone number, date of birth, and more.
  9. Override Password: for some of our products there will be operations that require you to enter an override password. You can set this password here (enter it twice). The override password will be the same for all admin users, and you should only give the password to those users that you feel comfortable sharing the override password with.
  10. Payment Due Settings: if you are charging for your registrations/reservations, you will be able to either set a system wide payment due setting (1 hour, 1 day, 2 days, etc) or to specify a payment due date for each sport/class in the system. We have a minimum 1 hour setting to allow for signing up to multiple sport/classes and to add the required roster entries to meet the minimum roster requirement (for sports). Regardless of whether you set time frame or set the due date individually for each sport/class, you can decide to automatically remove past due transactions. We do not recommend this option if you are doing offline payments because you may end up deleting an entry that was paid for accidentally. If your doing everything online, then this option might work for you.
    The system also let's you turn off payment receipts to your participants. If you do online payments we recommend you keep this option on. But if your only doing offline payments, the email from the system might lead to confusion so you could turn it off.
  11. Membership Fee Settings: the system let's you set Application/Membership fees for your participants. An application fee would be a one time fee that is charged when they create an account. A membership fee would be an annual type fee that they will be required to pay each year. You also have the additional option of whether you want to charge the family members (if any) additional fees when they get created.
  12. Time Zone: if you are using the system on our servers, the default time zone is the Eastern Time Zone. You can change your setting here. If you are running the system on a local web server, leave this setting alone.
  13. Log Out Link: a link your participants will be transferred to when they click Log Off. Be sure to include the full URL including the http://.
  14. User Terms and Conditions: the system can require your users to accept terms and conditions before creating an account. These terms and conditions should be considered like User Account terms and conditions that apply to all products you use. These terms and conditions should not be used for liability waivers as they are only verified when creating/updating accounts.