League Management

IMTrack provides a complete set of management tools to provide productivity benefits to the staff. Managers can enter scores for every game while IMTrack automatically maintains league standings. Score entry allows for tracking of forfeits, canceled games, and other special results. Managers can also track who played in each game as well as player statistics for each game. Before you know it you can easily tell who leads your softball league in OPS and other formula driven stats!

As scores are entered, IMTrack has an internal team ranking system that helps make the regular season more exciting for the participants. The rankings are especially useful for leagues that have teams playing in multiple divisions, as teams can battle for the #1 seed or a first round bye until the last game of the regular season. Special wild card slots can allow teams that may not automatically qualify a chance to sneak into the playoffs.

But don’t worry about teams running up the score. IMTrack lets you track sportsmanship rankings for each team. The sportsmanship rating can be used to establish minimum grades required to qualify for your playoff tournaments. The sportsmanship ranking is also a key component of the overall team rankings. Penalizing a team that is obviously running up the score with a bad sportsmanship grade will more than make up for any small gains made by scoring one more touch down or a few more baskets.

Need to improve communication with your participants? IMTrack can be used to send out emails to specific teams and league captains. No more copy pasting email addresses or creating email lists each season.

IMTrack also allows you to print game sheets for all the games you have in a given day. Pre-printed with team rosters, game sheets allow teams to check in quickly so they have more time to warm up or have that last minute strategy session. And of course there will be no questions as to whether a player belongs or not to a team, is eligible to play or even suspended for that game! Special referee score cards are available for sports where the officials need to track information like time outs, yellow cards, and red cards. These score cards do not include the team roster and thus are smaller and easily fit in the official's pocket. Even better, you can easily customize or create new game sheets and score cards using Microsoft Excel!

Need information for your bulletin board? IMTrack prepares team standings, schedules, playoff brackets, daily schedules and other informational reports. Admin level reports lets you keep track of your suspended players, participants playing on more than one team, and more.