Equipment Rental

GearTrack allows two types of equipment rentals. You can either check out items or you can reserve them for a future rental. Both options rely on setting up rental contracts. A rental contract can be for a fixed number of days, such as weekend contracts and week long contracts. Contracts can also be created on a "per day" basis, setting the price at the time of the transaction based on the number of days of the check out or reservation. Additional flexibility is gained by allowing for multi-tier pricing across contracts and participant categories.

When checking out an item, GearTrack only allows check outs that won't conflict with existing reservations. Reservations account for checked out items, expected return time of said items, other reservations and inventor that is damaged or under maintenance. For items currently damaged, an expected return of service date is used to allow future reservations on said equipment. Your participants can even make reservations online with GearTrack, and make online payments! You can read more about online payments here. Contact us for more information if you do not currently accept credit cards.

The nature of your operation may require you to take down payments for your reservations and/or security deposits. GearTrack will charge your participants these deposits for you. When returning items, undoubtly you will have the occasional late return or damaged items. Late fees, damage fees and even replacement fees are added as may be the case.