One of the goals for IMTrack is to help reduce and prevent league games from being forfeited. Eligibility of students is checked both on sign ups and also when printing out the game sheets for each game. Multiple participation limits are in place to prevent players from signing up for more teams than allowed by league rules. Additionally, roster minimums are in place to prevent teams from submitting online payments unless they have a specified number of players signed up to play. A roster maximum is also in place to encourage big organizations to sign up multiple teams instead of one huge team where not everyone will get to play that much.

Tired of having to keep track of paper waivers? IMTrack gives you access to a robust term and conditions (waiver) management system. Whether you require each participant to sign one waiver that applies to all teams or sign a unique waiver for each team they play for, IMTrack will track the date of the signature and the user that recorded the signature. Allowance is made for paper signatures by forcing the administrators to hand record the date/time that the waiver was accepted. The user recording the manual override is also tracked.

Have any Dennis Rodman wannabe's playing for your league? IMTrack's suspension system allows you to track ejections and suspensions in the system. Players can be suspended for a set number of games, a date range or indefinitely. A history is available for each participant just in case you were wondering if the ejected player looked like a frequent visitor at your office. The game sheets will also clearly marked if a player is suspended for the game, leaving little doubt to your game supervisor as to whether the person is eligible to play that day or not.

Don't forget to check your demographic reports at the end of the season. IMTrack will give you a detailed report of how many participants signed up to play and also how many players actually signed up to play across all games. A detailed report will also tell you exactly how many times each person participated during your season.