Tool Rental Software Case Study with UPS Shipping

In this case study we consider a specialized tool rental shop. For our example, this company has acquired very specialized tools that can be rented to anyone across the United States. So in addition to scheduling reservations in advanced, enough time must be allotted to account for shipping the tools to and from the customer.

When setting up the system, the equipment manager will be able to take advantage of the equipment management features to setup packages, divide the items into different categories, enter specific serial numbers for each individual tool. Please see our Computer Rental Case Study for some examples on how to setup categories and packages.

Specific to our shipping application, when setting up each tool GearTrack allows the manager to pre-enter the shipping information in regards to weight and dimensions for each tool. GearTrack allows you to specify how many tools can fix in one box, or alternatively how many boxes are required to ship each tool. For our example, we setup a High Power Drill which can be shipped at 2 drills per box. For cases when we are shipping an odd number of drills, the dimensions for a smaller box are entered.

When setting up reservations, we can assume that the clients renting tools only want to pay for the actual time that they want to have the tools on site. But for purposes of managing the inventory, the reservation needs to account for the shipping time. When setting up the rental contracts, we account for this by adding 2 days of prep time and 2 days of post work for each reservation. This works great assuming two day shipping. Notice on our reservation screen how both a reservation and event time is listed, along with the shipping address and other information for today's reservation.

After a reservation is checked out, the manager can create shipping labels through UPS. The addresses are pre-filled from the information entered for the reservation and the shop address stored in the main GearTrack settings. In our example where there are 5 drills being rented, we will need 3 boxes for the reservation. Note that the weights and dimensions are pre-filled BUT still editable just in case. When creating the shipping label, other options such as delivery type, pick up type and reference numbers are given. The label, or in this case 3 labels, are created and printed by for shipping.

Similarly, when it's time to return the items, the manager can go to GearTrack and create the shipping labels for the return. In this case the customer's address is use for the From address and the Ship to is the shop address stored in GearTrack. Since UPS requires the labels to be created the same day of shipment, the manager can download, save and email the labels to the client to make it easier for the client to return the items.

Once labels are created, GearTrack will store the tracking number and the latest tracking information for each shipment.

Remember, this is just one example of the many potential applications of GearTrack. Whether you are renting canoes, tents, dinner tables, chairs or audio visual equipment GearTrack is the easy way to manage your equipment shop!

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Reservation Information with Shipping Information
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