Tournament Play

IMTrack's tournament system allows league managers to run multiple tournaments for each sport. With IMTrack you can crown multiple “league” champions, each having a unique tournament. Alternatively, you can group your divisions into “sub-leagues,” with each “sub-league” having a tournament before running a final “league” tournament to crown the overall champion. This system is very similar to NCAA championships where each conference (sub-league) crowns a champion before the NCAA runs the main championship tournament.

Currently IMTrack can schedule two types of tournaments, single or double elimination tournaments. For each tournament game, scores and statistics are kept. Teams will advance on the published bracket until the league champion is crowned!

So who makes the tournament? And who gets that number 1 seed? For leagues using IMTrack’s ranking system, the manager can specify the requirements for making the playoffs. Some of the requirements available allow all teams to qualify, only teams with a winning record, or teams that win a specific number of wins. If using the sportsmanship rankings, only those teams who achieved the minimum grade will be included in the tournament. For leagues that do not allow all teams to participate in the tournament, special wild card entries can be made so that the top “none qualifying” teams based on team rankings make the playoffs. Teams are then seeded based on the ranking they achieved during the season.