Online Registration

IMTrack allows for multiple types of registrations designed to give league managers flexibility to handle multiple types of tournaments. For leagues running instant scheduling, teams can sign up directly into the divisions that play at the day and time they want to play. If the division fills up, they can choose an alternate time or request to be on the wait list for that division.

Teams can also register to play in specific leagues, allowing the managers to either run tournaments with those teams or to assign the teams to divisions after registration and create custom schedules based on the teams availability. Sports that are individual sports can be setup such that the player’s name will be used as the "team name", making it easier for players to identify their opponents on the schedules.

Regardless of whether teams sign up for a division or league, team captains can add players to their rosters up to a separate roster deadline, whether that means that teams have to set their rosters before the first day of play or before the start of the playoffs.

Participants can also go online and sign up to join team rosters provided that they know the team password created by the captain when they signed up the team. This is the only way to populate a team roster when each participant is required to accept terms and conditions (waiver) to play for that team.

If a participant does not have a team they can join, the Free Agency system allows that person to specify the sports, leagues, days of play and/or divisions they are interested in playing for. Team captains can search for free agents and send invitations to free agents that match their team. If the free agent accepts the invitation, the free agent is automatically added to the team roster.

IMTrack also allows for individual sign ups for leagues that sign up players first and then run a “draft” or randomly assign players to teams. In this case, each individual may be charged a fee to pay.

Regardless of whether you charge per team, roster sign up, or individual sign ups, IMTrack allows you to accept payments through your choice of payment gateway. Currently we accept:

  • PayPal
  • Authorize.Net
  • NELiX TransaX
  • TouchNet

You can read more about online payments here. Contact us for more information if you do not currently accept credit cards or if you have a payment gateway that is not currently supported.