League Scheduling

IMTrack’s scheduling tools provide league managers the flexibility to instantly create league schedules or to schedule games individually one at a time. Our instant schedule tool allows patterned leagues to be scheduled in a few clicks, whether the teams play all games at the same time or on the same field. Managers can schedule divisions for any number of teams, scheduling single or double round robins, or for a fixed number of games.

IMTrack’s custom scheduling tool gives the manager full control over each game in the system, regardless of whether a schedule was prepared by IMTrack or not. The flexibility allows for easy rescheduling of games with no restrictions, other than of course having two games at the same field and time! Even team match ups can be modified if the league manager wants to avoid two teams playing during the regular season.

The latest version of IMTrack introduced the power scheduling tool. With this tool the league manager can schedule all the divisions for a sport from one scren in just a few short minutes!