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GearTrack Support: Admin Settings

The GearTrack Admin Settings represent administrative settings that control the behavior of GearTrack. You can edit theGearTrack Admin Settings by clicking on the Settings link under the GTOnline Admin Links. A brief explanation of each setting follows.

  1. Welcome Header: This header will show on the home pages and main Class Page next to the Open Registration lists. Remember the Company Name in the Master Settings is the main header of the pages..
  2. Welcome Message: here you can put as much HTML text as you want to welcome your users to your registration page. You can embed logos, you tube videos, etc. etc.
  3. Allow Online Reservations: This setting will turn on or off the capability of your participants going in to make reservations from the "client" side of the website.
  4. Verify Eligibility: this setting will require that participants be marked as GT Eligible in order to register for your class sessions. You should only use this setting if you are importing or manually entering your participants into the system before they create an account online.
  5. Use Turn Around Time: the turn around time feature let's you specify how much "buffer" time you want to add to each reservation before allowing new reservations on the same item. You can specify the default turn around time in minutes, hours or days. You will be able to change the turn around time for individual items.
  6. Show Deposit Fields: GearTrack allows you to specify two types of deposits on your items. Turning this option on will let you set Security Deposits or Down Payment Deposits on your Rental Items. Turn this option off if you don't use deposits.
  7. Email Options: the following automated emails can be turned on or off based on your preference.
    • Confirmation Email after Making an Online Reservation: Sent to the participant after they make an online reservation.
    • Confirmation Email after Administrator Adds a Reservation: Sent to the participant when an administrative user makes a reservation for the participant.
    • Registration Notice of Online Reservation: Sent to the administrator after participants make online reservations.
    • Registration Notice of Offline Reservation: Sent to the administrator after administrative users create offline reservations.
    • Reservation Reminders: Sent to the participant with a reminder when a reservation is coming up. Set the reminder time in hours if you turn this on.
    • Return Reminders: Sent to the participant with a reminder when a reservation is due to be checked in. Set the reminder time in hours if you turn this on.
    • Over Due Notices: Sent to the participant with a notice that they have a reservation past due. If your application is hosted on our servers, this email goes out once a night. If you run the application behind your firewall, your IT Manager can specify how often to send this notice.
  8. Damage Admin Email: GearTrack will send an email alert to the specified administrator when an item is damaged and there are reservations that can not be fulfilled within the estimated repair time.
  9. Time Zone: This setting should only be used if you are hosting the application on our servers. This setting will account for your time zone offset when determining whether reservations are returned late, overdue, etc.