Recreational Solutions Support

General Support: Forgot Password Problems

Depending on the settings for the registration system, you will need to enter your email address in the system and potentially a Participant Number or other such Member ID number to reset the password. If your system requires a Participant Number/Member ID, please read this article if you are not sure what your Participant Number/Member ID is, please contact your administrators.

The email address must match the current email address in the database. Normally this will be the email address you signed up for. However, if you belong to a College or University, it is possible that the administrators updated their database and reset your email address with your default College/University email account.

You will receive an email with the Reset Password Key. You will need this Reset Password Key to set a new password. The Reset Password Key will not serve as a login password. You must go to the link given on the email to enter the Reset Password Key and create a new password.

If you accidentally request the Reset Password Key twice, only the second key will work. Please allow a few minutes for the email to get to you so that you don't have to guess which Reset Password Key is valid.

If you receive a message certifying that the forgot password email has been sent to you, but you are not receiving any emails, please send an email to with the email address that was accepted by the system. In this case, it could be that previous emails to your account have bounced and the mailing system blocked your email address. Only contact Recreational Solutions in this instance. If your having issues with the getting your email address/participant number to work, please first contact your administrators as they can better let you know what email address is in the system and guide you into what your Participant Number should be.

If by any chance you receive the message 'Login already taken', then please send us an email with the email address that you used AND the Host institution name. We do NOT need your participant number to help resolve this situation.