Recreational Solutions Support

General Support: The Member ID

Each participant (customer, client) in our system must have a unique member identification number. You can track your members either by email address (everyone in the database must then have a unique email address) or by a member id number. The member id number can be a student ID number, employee number or customer number. It can also be a phone number provided that no one in the database will have the same phone number. You can also create your own ID number such as the initials of the participant followed by the last 4 digits of their phone number. You can certainly be creative. The key is that each participant in the system must have a unique identifier.

To setup your preferences, please go to the Admin portion of the application and under the General Admin Links, click on Master Settings. The third field is labeled "Require Member ID." If using the email address, select the option "No Use Email Address Instead." If using a Member ID number, then select "Yes Require ID Number." When using the ID number, a field will show up titled "Member ID Label." Here, you can tell us what your ID number should be labeled throughout the program. Especially if you are allowing your participants to create accounts online, this label should make it easy for them to know what they have to enter when creating an account.