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ClassTrack Support: Admin Settings

The ClassTrack Admin Settings represent administrative settings that control the behavior of ClassTrack. You can edit the ClassTrack Admin Settings by clicking on the Settings link under the CTOnline Admin Links. A brief explanation of each setting follows.

  1. Welcome Header: This header will show on the home pages and main Class Page next to the Open Registration lists. Remember the Company Name in the Master Settings is the main header of the pages..
  2. Welcome Message: here you can put as much HTML text as you want to welcome your users to your registration page. You can embed logos, you tube videos, etc. etc.
  3. Verify Eligibility: this setting will require that participants be marked as CT Eligible in order to register for your class sessions. You should only use this setting if you are importing or manually entering your participants into the system before they create an account online.
  4. Participant Limits: the system allows you to set two participant limits. The overall limit would prevent your participants from signing up for more than the overall limit number of courses. The per class setting will prevent someone from registering to multiple sessions of the same class. This should normally be set to one unless you have no problems with someone registering for multiple sessions of the same class.
  5. Automatic Approval Setting: ClassTrack has an optional Approved Setting for Roster Sign Ups. You can either automatically approve roster entries once they pay, or you can manually approve entries as you wish.
  6. Early Bird Discount/Late Fees: ClassTrack let's you give discounts for registrations that take part before the early bird discount. Likewise, ClassTrack can charge a late fee for registrations that take place after a specified date. These options are optional, and they can be activated or de-activated as part of the ClassTrack Settings..
  7. Payment Options: ClassTrack can be setup to charge deposits and/or accept payment plans. The class/session settings that control deposits and payment plans are only shown if the appropriate setting is turned on.
  8. Instructor Management Settings: for clients using ClassTrack Platinum, the instructor portal can be setup to allow instructors to remove participants from the session rosters they are assigned to.
  9. Calendar Option: the Online Calendar can show your registration dates as events in the calendar. If you have specific registration periods for multiple courses, this option is very useful as your clients can see on the calendar when registration is open. Alternatively, if you have open registrations pretty much every day of the year, the calendar would get too crowded and we recommend you do not show your registrations as events in the calendar.
  10. Email Options: the following automated emails can be turned on or off based on your preference.
    • Confirmation Email After Registering Online: Sent to the participant that registers.
    • Confirmation Email After Registered by Administrator: Sent to the participant signed up by the administrative user.
    • Registration Notice After Participant Registers Online: Sent to the administrator after a participant registers online.
    • Email Reminders: Sent to the participant with a reminder when a class session is coming up. Set the reminder time in hours if you turn this on.
  11. Terms and Conditions: two types of terms and conditions (waivers) are allowed:
    • Master Terms and Conditions: these conditions would apply for ALL class sessions the participant signs up for.
    • Class Terms and Conditions: these conditions would be setup uniquely for each class. You will be able to setup a default template to be used when adding/editing classes. But you will also be able to edit the terms and conditions for each class, allowing you to specify dates and other information unique to each class. Each participant that registers will have to accept these conditions EACH time they register for a class.