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Behind the Firewall: Update Instructions

The procedure below applies to updating IMTrack Online, ClassTrack Online, GearTrack Online and/or RefTrack Online in your web server. The products are controlled by the service agreements you purchase.

  1. Make sure the following gems have been previously installed (you can do gem list to view installed gems, we will put a date next to any new gems after 8/1/12):
    active_merchant (download and save on the local directory first)
    calendar_date_select (**VERSION 1.16.3** there is a weird error after installing this one. You will need to go to the file causing the error at launch and comment the second part of the if statement in line 5 referencing RAILS_ROOT)
    net-ldap (if using LDAP)
    ruby-odbc (if using SQL Server)
    nokogiri - added on 7/12/2013 (see for installation specifics)
  2. Back up the files config/environment.rb and config/database.files. The update will overwrite those files so we need to be able to restore your specific configuration after updating. Also, if you have made any unsupported updates to any other pages you should back up those files also. You may also choose to back up the entire folder in case you have to roll back.
  3. Request a new Download for the source code for the application.
  4. Replace your existing installation with the files in the download.
  5. Restore the config/environment.rb and config/database.yml files into the new installation.
  6. Double check to see if any changes need to be manually made into the environment.rb or database.yml files.
    • 8/31/2012 - A 'bionic' entry needs to be added into the database.yml file. You can copy the settings for 'production' then rename production to bionic (you will have one production entry and one bionic entry). This will eventually replace disccreator entries.
    • 8/31/2012 - A new task is available that will send email notifications to participants for games, classes, equipment reservations, etc. To take advantage of these emails, a scheduled task needs to be added to the server. The way to add this task varies depending on your server. The task should be run in a periodic manner that fits the needs of your staff. If sending reminders an hour before a game/class/reservation, then it should run every five minutes or so. If just sending nightly reminders, you can do every 24 hours.
    • 8/31/2012 - The task is run using 'rake facilitrax:send_notifications RAILS_ENV=production'
    • 8/31/2012 - GearTrack users can also send overdue notices for unreturned reservations. This task should only run once a day because any late return will receive an email EACH time the task runs.
    • 8/31/2012 - The overdue task is run using 'rake facilitrax:send_over_due_notices RAILS_ENV=production'
    • 9/3/2012 - Please check your config/environment.rb file after your next update. We no longer use ar-mailer, so you can put a # sign to comment the line require 'action_mailer/ar_mailer'. Also, the line ActionMailer::Base.delivery_method = should be set to :smtp instead of :active_record.
  7. On your console, from the facilitrax root folder, run the command rake db:migrate. This will update the development database. If you have a separate production database, you need to update both databases. The command for the production database is rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production.
  8. Update your service contracts if necessary. Read separate instructions for this step here.