Recreational Solutions Support

Behind the Firewall: Updating Service Agreements

  1. Purchase a new Service Agreement for the product(s) you are using. If you have not done so yet, please call toll free 866-333-2338 or email sales.
  2. On your server, go to the facilitrax root folder.
  3. Backup the config/database.yml file.
  4. Open and verify the database.yml settings. Normally the disccreator database settings are pointing to your local production database. You should have the settings for our server saved under a different heading such as disccreator_live. For this operation, our server information should be under the disccreator settings.
  5. Save the database.yml file with the disccreator settings pointing to our server if necessary.
  6. On the command prompt from the facilitrax root folder, run the command rake facilitrax:set_contracts RAILS_ENV=production.
  7. Restore the config/database.yml file.
  8. Access the /admin page of the application, as in (administrator login required)
  9. The new service agreement dates should display on this page. Contact support toll free at 877-RS HELP 5 or by email if your contracts are not renewed.