Recreational Solutions Support

General Support: Importing Participants

Our system allows you to import your participants using a comma delimited file. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Data Imports link from the General Admin links.
  2. IMTrack users will notice that any existing data templates will be shown. You can use existing data templates as long as you specify the template definitions below.
  3. Add a New Template by clicking the text link on the listing page.
  4. Specify a name for the template, and whether you want to update the eligibility status of your database. Note that everyone on the import file will be marked as eligible when this option is used. You can also specify which participant category (or all categories) to make ineligible before the import.
  5. Click on the Field_options icon from the list to specify the template definitions for this import.
  6. For the database fields that are part of the import file, select the matching field number on the file. Depending on your settings/product, a participant number and/or email address are required. First Name and Last Name are required regardless of your settings.
  7. Click on the Run_import icon to select the file to import. File extensions must be txt or csv to be uploaded. It may take a while to finish processing the file.
  8. At this point, you should notice on the entry for your data template how many records were identified by the upload process. A background process will automatically process each imported record. If for whatever reason there errors on your file, you will see the number of error records on the list. click on the number of error records to view bad records. The reasons for the error will be shown. Reload the import file once you correct the errors on the file.