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IMTrack Workstation Serial Numbers Installation

Installing Serial Numbers is a two step process.
  • IMServer Steps
    1. Open IMServer
    2. Go to the Users Tab and Click on Serial Numbers.
    3. Double Click on the Serial Number you want to install.
    4. Select a folder to save the file at. Note that it is advisable to save these files for future use. In this case, simply use a flash folder or network folder and create a folder. The folder should be named with a combination of a description of the workstation being used for this serial number as well as the last four digits of the serial number. Save the file in this newly created folder.
    5. Repeat for each serial number if saving the files permanently.
    6. Close IMServer
  • IMClient Steps
    1. Open IMClient
    2. Go to the File Menu and select Import Serial Number.
    3. Browse to the folder you saved the file identifying the serial number for this workstation.
    4. Press OK.
    5. Close and Re-Open IMClient.
    6. Go to the Help Menu and select About IMClient. The newly installed serial number should show on this screen.
    7. Repeat for each Workstation.