Recreational Solutions Support

Registering/Signing Up or Joining a Team

Here are basic instructions on how to register/sign up or join a team.
  1. Login or Create on Account
    • If you already have created an account, click on the Login link (usually on the top right) and login.
    • If you have not created an account, click on Sign Up instead. When signing up, all the information on the form is usually required.
    • If you are asked for a Participant Number or other such identification number, it's usually either your student ID number, employee number or the like. Please contact your host institution if you have questions about this.
  2. You can find the sport you want to Register/Sign up or Join from either the Home Page or the Sports Page. The Calendar feature may also show sports open for registrations (not all our clients use this feature). If you are creating, registering or signing up a team, you can also use the Create Team link on the right. If you are joining an existing team, then you can use the Join Team on the right. These specific options on the right menu only show up if there are open sports for team registration and/or roster registration.
  3. Regardless of the screen chosen, you will click on the Create Team icon (Create_team) to register/sign up a new team, or on the Join Team icon (Join_team) to join an existing team.
  4. When creating a team:
    • Select the league or division you want to sign up for on the left.
    • For leagues, you can enter a comment with any information the league director has asked you to fill in.
    • For divisions, you can select your team number. For divisions that have an odd number of teams, your bye week is pre-determined based on your team number.
    • You will have to create a team password. The password will be asked of anyone who tries to join your team roster.
    • Some league administrators require you to accept Terms and Conditions to sign up a team. These conditions may include the refund privacy. Please read carefully and accept.
    • Some league administrators require you to accept Roster Terms and Conditions to play in a team. These conditions may take the form of a liability waiver. Please read carefully and accept.
    • If everything is accurate, your team will be created when you submit the form.
    • After your team is created, you may email your potential teammates with an invitation to join your team. Your team password as entered above will be sent to your team members.
    • You may also be allowed to add players to your team roster by clicking the Roster Icon(Join_team) from the My Teams page. Depending on your league administration, you will be required to enter the email address or participant number of each teammate. If your administrator requires teammates to accept the Roster Terms and Conditions (Waiver), you will not be allowed to add your teammates. Each teammate will have to sign up or login to the website and join your team by entering the team password and accepting the terms and conditions.
  5. When joining a team:
    • If you know your team name, select the team from the drop down list.
    • Alternatively, if you know the league or division your team is supposed to play in, select that league or division then select the team from the list specific to your selection.
    • Enter your team password, which should be on your invitation email if the Team Captain sent you an email from the system.
    • Some league administrators will require you to accept Terms and Conditions to play in the league. Sometimes these conditions are in the form of a Waiver of Liability. Please read carefully and accept.
    • You will be added to the roster when you submit the form.
  6. Whether you created or joined a team, you can view your teammates and schedules and manage your roster entry from the "My Teams" page.
  7. Likewise, you can view your game schedules for all teams combined from the "My Schedule" page.