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IMTrack Printing Game Sheets from IMOnline

Printing Game Sheets can be done by either clicking on the Game Sheets link under the IMOnline Admin Links (multiple sports) or from the Manage Sport page. When clicking on either link, the games for the next play date will load. Note that you can print game sheets anytime your viewing the schedule, but clicking on the links will be the easiest way to load only the games for the current date or the next playing date. Feel free to change the search options to reduce/expand the game sheets to be printed. Click on the Print xx Game Sheets to print game sheets for all selected games. Print on the printer icon to only print the game sheet for a specific game.

The game sheets are controlled mainly by options specified when creating/editing sports. We have created default values for each sport model. We highly recommend you edit the sport models to setup default options for each sport model. To request new sport models, send us an email or drop a suggestion on our Facebook page. We will be sure to follow up with you to discuss rankings and other options related to each model!

Here are some of the options you can control on the game sheets:

  • Jersey Color: A spot for the Jersey Color will be shown next to the team name if the sport has the Jersey Color option turned on.
  • Jersey Number: This column would be shown if the Jersey Color option is turned on for the sport.
  • ID Number Last 4: A new option has been added to the IMOnline Admin links, Settings screen. You can choose whether to display the last 4 numbers of the member id on the game sheet print outs. Remember, you can edit the title of your member ID number in the General Admin links, Master Settings screen.
  • Statistics: The game sheet will have a column for each statistic that is not a formula (for example batting average would not be shown on the game sheet). You can manage statistics on the Manage Sport page, click on the Statistics link. Note the following if you use the Live Game Sheets option:
    • For Basketball, you should have a statistics for "Fouls" and "Technical Fouls"
  • Time Outs: Each sport will be able to allocate a specific number of time outs per game and/or half. Additionally, "half timeouts" are available for those sports that have a long time out and a short time out.
  • Score Area: The scoring area will be shown either based on Sets or Points based on the Scoring Model option setup for the sport. When using sets, you will be able to identify the default number of sets, as well as how many score boxes to have for each set. For head to head, you will be able to identify the number of periods in your game (halfs, quarters...), as well as how many point boxes you want to print.
  • Sportsmanship: An area to record the Sportsmanship will be shown for those sports that have the Use Sportsmanship option turned on.
  • Employees: For RefTrack clients, a signature line will be available for the employee titles assigned to the game.

We welcome any suggestions. This is a brand new feature so if you are having any problems in a specific browser/sport, please let us know so we can make any necessary adjustments as needed.