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IMTrack Game Results

When entering scores, IMTrack allows you to pick a game result. Usually you will pick the option which means just a normal game. Or for set sports, you will pick a result based on the set scores. For ties you will just pick the or the appropriate set score. Here is some additional information on the other available game results.
  • No Shows - No rating score points given to the loser(s). Bonus points given to the winner based on the score awarded. Since the game was not played at all, there can not be a Sportsmanship Rating entered for a No Show result.
  • Forfeits/Defaults - The administrators will have the option of entering Sportsmanship Ratings to allow for cases where thee game was forfeited after the game was played OR after the game was started. The loser will receive 5 rating score points regardless of what the score/sportsmanship rating calls for, as a small reward for at least showing up to play the game. The winner gets points based on the forfeit score and the sportsmanship rating (if one is entered).
  • Both Win – Both teams recorded a win. Both get the bonus points for winning as well as the percentage bonus, and all other bonuses for the game based on the result and the Sportsmanship Rating.
  • Cancelled – game shows as played but the game does not count in the standings. Basically the game stays on the schedule to let everyone know they were supposed to play.
Note that when adding brackets in IMOnline, you will be able to eliminate teams based on number of no shows, number of forfeits, number of defaults, or number of bad defaults which is the sum of no shows, defaults and forfeits.
Note that when creating seeded brackets, you can exempt teams that played less games than the normal number of games. Thus if you have to cancel a game, you could automatically include that team in the playoffs to give them an extra game.