Recreational Solutions Support

The Free Agency System

Here are basic instructions on how our Free Agency System works. Note that not all our clients use this system.

Set your Free Agency Status

  1. Login to your account. Click on Sign Up if you have not yet created a your account.
  2. From the right hand menu, click on Free Agency.
  3. Click on the Set Free Agent Status icon Join_team for the sport you wish to participate in.
  4. From this screen, you can either click the Add Request icon Add_request for the leagues/divisions you wish to play in on the left.
  5. You can also use the form on the right to rapidly select combination of leagues/days of play. You can even sign up for every division/league in the system.
  6. Once your status is set, you will be emailed if a captain invites you to a team.
  7. If you change your mind about a particular league/division, click on the Cancel Request icon Cancel_request to remove you from the free agent list for the league/division in question.

Invite Free Agents to join your team (only available to team captains)

  1. Login in (or Sign Up if your team was added by an administrator and you don't yet have an account).
  2. Click on "My Teams" from either the top menu or the right menu.
  3. Click on the Find Free Agents icon Find_free_agents for the team you want to invite a free agent to. Note that the number of available free agents for your team will be shown next to the Find Free Agents icon in parenthesis.
  4. Click on the Invite to Team icon Add_request to invite a free agent to your team.
  5. The Free Agent will be emailed with instructions on how to join your team.
  6. You can delete an invitation from this screen as long as the free agent has not yet accepted your invitation.
  7. If a free agent declines your invitation, you will not be able to invite them again to the same team.

Accepting a Free Agent Invitation

  1. If you receive an email with an invitation, you can click on the link on the email or Login to the system and click on "Free Agency" on the right menu.
  2. Your invitations will be shown on the Free Agent Status screen.
  3. You can accept or decline your invitations from this screen.
  4. Once you decline an invitation, you will not be able to join that team through the free agency system.
  5. In many leagues, once you join a team you will not be able to switch to another team without contacting the Rec Center office.