Recreational Solutions Support

IMTrack Desktop Installation

  1. Unless, you are using a local SQL Server Database, the computers connecting to the database will need to have the MySQL ODBC 3.51 driver installed. Please download from MySQL Download Site.
  2. Install the MySQL ODBC Connector (unless you are using a local SQL Server Database)
  3. Open the Control Panel of your System - Administrative Tools, Data Sources (ODBC)
    Windows 7 users be sure to open the 32 bit version of the ODBC driver. Check out this link from Microsoft for instructions
  4. Go to System DSN
  5. Add a New DSN
  6. Select the newly installed MySQL ODBC 3.51 driver or the SQL Server option if running a local SQL Server database
  7. Enter the connection settings for your database. If you are running IMOnline locally, your IT will have the specifics. Please email us to obtain your credentials if running on our servers.
  8. Download the IMTrack software
  9. Run the Setup File
  10. Open My Computer and Browse to the installation folder (Normally C:/Program Files/Recreational Solutions/IMTrack)
  11. Open the rsdb.ini file in Notepad
  12. Change the name after DSN= as entered when setting up the Data Source
  13. Add a semi colon in front of the driver=MSAccess entry
  14. Remove the semi colon in front of the driver=MySQL or driver=SQLServer, as selected when setting up the data source