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IMTrack Bracket Creation

  • Brackets can be created from the Sport Details page. Access this page by clicking on the Sports link from the IMOnline Admin Links, then clicking on the name of the sport.
  • Under the league list, click on the Add Bracket icon (bracket challenge)
  • Enter a name and abbreviation for the bracket.
  • Select the Seeding Method for your bracket. Based on your selection, you will have to specify the parameters for the bracket. See the Seeding Method article for details.
  • For automatically seeded methods, you can select to populate your teams immediately or to wait until your pool play/regular season is over.
  • You can enforce Sportsmanship Rating limits as well as bad results limits (no shows, forfeits, defaults or combined totals of the three) when having IMOnline seed the teams by ranking.
  • Click create to complete the bracket. From the bracket page you will be able to schedule each game individually.