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GearTrack Support: GearTrack Overview

GearTrack is designed to allow for both equipment reservations and equipment check out. This means that you can make reservations in advance for your equipment, for example a week long reservation starting two weeks from now. At the time of the reservation you can check out the equipment and track the actual items used for the reservation. You can also do same day check outs, where all your inventory at hand can be checked out to your end users as long as there is enough inventory left back to handle any existing reservations. Let's do a quick overview of the main features of GearTrack related on how to setup your inventory!

Rental Item Groups

The Rental Item Groups let's you organize your equipment into multiple groups. You can certainly only have one item group and move on. However, if your inventory has clear divisions be it different physical locations, organizational structure, or just as simple as items that can be reserved online by your end users and items just available for check out in person. We would gladly consult with you to figure out the best setup for your situation!

Inventory Categories

Inventory Categories is a feature that lets you sub categorize similar equipment with the same pricing structure into one big master item. A few examples:

  • For sporting equipment, basketballs could be sub-categorized into Men's and Women's sizes
  • For boating/canoeing equipment, life vests could be categorized into Shirt sizes such as S, M, L and XL
  • For hiking equipment, hiking boots could be categorized based on shoe size
  • Laptops/Computers could be categorized by Vendor (Dell, HP, Apple)
  • iPads could be categorized based on memory size
  • Photography lenses could be categorized based on zooming capability

Rental Item Contracts

Our contract system helps you define your reservation lengths and pricing (if any) for your items. You can do per minute, per hour, per day or have established contracts like Week Contract (7 or 8 days), Thirty Day contract, etc. Every time you make a reservation we check against future reservations to make sure the inventory is available. If you are doing same day checkout, you can choose set the due back time based on days of the week (if your facility has different closing times).

Rental Items

This is where you set up the main items. After filling out the initial form, for items that have a quantity greater than 1 you can click the inventory breakdown button for that item. Based on your inventory categories, you can break down the items in one of two ways:

  • Grouped by inventory category, such as if you have 4 basketballs you can specify that 3 are Men's sized and 1 is Women's sized.
  • Grouped by individual ID's/serial numbers, which in the case of the 4 basketballs
    • Basketball_1 – Men's
    • Basketball_2 – Men's
    • Basketball_3 – Men's
    • Basketball_4 – Women's

Obviously for basketballs we would want option b to avoid the possibility of an end user returning another user's basketball if he or she lost the basketball they checked out. For other items such as life vests, towels, power chargers, and cords simply specifying how many you have of each inventory category would suffice. Note that you are not required to break down your inventory in cases where there is only one type. Do note that there is some advantages breaking down your items into serial numbers, such as keeping detailed maintenance/usage logs on each item, acquisition dates/costs, etc.


GearTrack let's you create special packages for your items where you can specify common combination of items that are rented by your end users. It could be as simple as a package of 1 Basketball and 2 towels, or as detailed as say a laptop computer with a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, and a 6 foot power cord. Using the rental contracts, you can set pricing for the packages, usually at a small discount for your clients. For items within a package that have multiple inventory categories, the end user or administrator will specify the categories needed for each reservation/checkout.

Damaged Items

You can add damage/maintenance entry from this link, but do note that you can also do it as you are returning items into the inventory during the check in/return process. If you notice an end user returns a broken item that needs maintenance, you will be able to enter the maintenance/damage information as part of the process.

Reservations/Check Out

Once your inventory is setup, you can start entering reservations or doing same day check outs by using the appropriate links on the menu bar. You will be required to specify a Participant for each reservation. Once you establish your contract and the dates of the reservation, the list of items and packages if any will load. For checkouts, you will be asked to provide the id/serial number for those items that have been grouped that way. For reservations, you would have to specify the inventory category required for those items that have multiple categories.

For future reservations, near the start time of that reservation the check out icon will be made available so that you can identify what exact items are going out to the participant. At the end of the reservation, the check in screen is used to track the items being returned, and any damage/maintenance on the items.

This is just a basic overview of GearTrack. You can explore the product to find more advanced features, or feel free to contact us to schedule a web meeting to discuss your needs and show you how to setup more advanced functionality based on your requirements. We also can do small customization projects as needed to make GearTrack work for you!