Recreational Solutions Support

GearTrack Support: Creating New Reservations

To start a new reservation, start by clicking the New Reservation link either from the Top Menu, or the Menu Links on the right. You can also click on the Make Reservation button from the home page or your reservation list. At this point, some of our clients will require you to login or sign up to create an account. Existing clients can enter the login information and proceed to the reservation screen. New clients can click the New Customer button and fill out the registration form. Once signed up, you will be directed to the search form.

From the search form, you will set the following criteria:

  1. Participant (ADMIN ONLY): Administrators are required to select a participant for the reservation. You can search for participants based on email, name, participant number etc. Enter a search term, then tab out or click away from the search field to automatically load matching participants. Select the participant for the reservation. Clients are not shown this field.
  2. Item Group: this optional field will show up if the administrators have setup multiple types of items. Selecting an item group will restrict your search to those items your interested in. If this field does not show up, it means there is only one item group to choose from and it's been automatically selected for you.
  3. Reservation Type: this optional field will show up if the administrators have setup multiple reservation types. A reservation type usually determines the length of time of your reservation as well as the pricing of your reservation. Some administrators will show an "Auto Select" option that will pick a reservation type for you based on the dates you enter for the reservation. Some reservation types are for a set number of hours/days and the return time will automatically be set for you. Others are flexible and allow you to pick a return time.
  4. Pick Up Time: this field determines the date you want your reservation to start. Some reservation types will have a fixed start time, so you will only select the date. Others are more flexible and you will be able to select both the date and the time you want to start your reservation.
  5. Return Time: this field determines the date you want to return your reservation. Depending on the reservation type selected above, you will be able to select the date/time for your return. If the reservation type is fixed, you will not be allowed to change the return time.

At this point, the items form below should have updated with the available inventory based on your selections. If not, click on the "Load Items" or "Refresh Search Form" button to re-load the available inventory. GearTrack allows reserving items a la cart or in packages. When clicking on a package, you will be shown what items belong to the packages. Some items will allow you to select a sub category (such as shoe size, shirt size, manufacturer type, etc.). Likewise, when reserving items a la cart you may be required to identify how many items of each sub category you desire to reserve. Once you have selected your items, click on the Reserve button.

At this point, if you have not yet logged in or created an account in the system you will be shown the login screen. You can login if you are an existing client or click on the New Customer button to reach the Sign Up form.

Finally, if your administrator accepts online payments, you will be able to complete payment for your reservation online. Administrators will have the choice of processing payment, or if the reservation is current they will be allowed to immediately check out the reservation just added to the system.

If you do not want to jump in to a new reservation just yet, you can check Our Inventory link on the right to see a list of all our equipment. You can also use the Search/Query link to check for item availability for future dates. Both screens will have short cuts to allow you to start a reservation without having to re-select the information you were searching on.