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ClassTrack Creating an Instructor

Please follow the steps below to setup and assign instructors to your class sessions.
  1. Instructors must first be added to the participant database. If the instructor is not yet in the system, go to Participants under the General Admin Links.
    Click on Add Participant.
    Add the information about the instructor that you want to store in the database.
  2. Under the ClassTrack Admin Links, Click on Instructors.
  3. Click on Add New Instructor
  4. Enter the Member Number/Email Address for the instructor. You can also put a short description/resume of the instructor. This description will be available to the public.

At this time, the instructor is in the system. To assing the instructor to a class session:
  1. Go to the Sessions link under the CTOnline Admin Links
  2. Hit the pencil for the session(s) that this instructor will be assigned to
  3. Under the Instructor label, Select the instructor from the drop down list

The instructor will now have access to the session roster and other tools when he/she logs into the system.