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ClassTrack Setting Age Limits

ClassTrack can allow you to set age limits, both minimums and maximums, for your class sessions. If you are interested in age verification, you must first make a couple of setting changes in the system.

Master Settings - Date of Birth Requirement

To enforce age verification, it is mandatory to have the system set to require the date of birth for all participants. Under the Admin tab, look for the Master Settings under the General Admin links. Change the setting Require that Users enter Date of Birth to sign up. to Yes.

ClassTrack Settings, age verification comparison date

ClassTrack can enforce age verification against the current date (i.e. the date the person registers) or against a specific date. Ocne you turn on the date of birth requirement above, you can go to Admin tab, look for the CTOnline Admin Links and select Settings. At the bottom of the screen you can select to verify against the Current Date or against a Set Date. If you select the Set Date option, you will be able to select the Verification Date from the calendar. Note that you will have to edit this date every year to let us know when the "fiscal year" changes for age verification.

Session Setup Up - Minimum and Maximum Age

Now that your Master Settings are correctly set to require the Date of Birth in the system, you should notice the Minimum Age and Maximum Age fields in the Session setup form. If you already added a session, simply click on the pencil to edit the parameters for the session. The default values of 1 and 99 will be pre-loaded into the form.