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Behind the Firewall: Setting up Automated Tasks

Right now there are two automated tasks that can be setup on the server.

  1. rake facilitrax:send_notifications RAILS_ENV=production
    This task should be set to run at the time period of your choice. It will send email notifications to your participants with game reminders, class session reminders, reservation reminders and check in reminders. These reminders must be activated in the Settings form of the product you use.
  2. rake facilitrax:send_over_due_notices RAILS_ENV=production
    This task is only used by GearTrack and will send reminders to users that have not returned equipment on-time. As above, you can set the task to run at the time period of your choice. We recommend once a day since the task will keep sending reminders until the equipment is returned. Do not set this task for every 15 minutes or like periods or your users would get spammed with reminders.